Sigma Mixer : SM - 200
A Z-shaped blades made of hardened cast steel polished & finished. The stuffing box can be heated electronically or by steam. The tilting of the stuffing box is automated.
Gum Base Melter : GM - 200

Hot air circulating chamber consisting of arrangement for holding the tray with gum base. Both side heavy electric heater is provided for uniform heating of gum base.

Extruder : E - 200

The Extruder is with variable speed drive with constant torques over the entire control range. The scrolls are made from individual elements that are pushed onto shaft. Temperature in the pressure chamber is maintained by circulating liquid. Exclusive configuration of feeding roller ensuring a perfect uniform extrusion in one or more ropes.

11-Deck Cooling Coveyor : CC-11

Rope is taken over directly by narrow conveyor. The belts are textile reinforced PU coated. Speed of the belt gradually increases depending on the product. Large refrigeration unit gives uniform cooling. Insulated structure to avoid heat transfer.

Fold Wrap Machine (End Fold & Top Fold) : FW-500

Adjustable cutting length for product & wrapper. Large Loading Disc. Top fold can also be done. Photo Sensor available. Controlled heating & cooling system. No trained staff required. Slitting & folding device for inner. Multi zone temperature control system. Low maintenance & easy to clean.

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