Continuous Cooker : CC - 4000

The product mass get cooked in stainless tell coil which goes to evaporation chamber & finallyl it reaches to vacuum vessel which is attached to vacuum pump.

Rotary Sugar Kneader : RSK - 40

Homogenous addition of ingredients. Convinient table height. Rotating polished steel disc & cooling plate on the same plane elimintaes laborious lifting & lowering of sugar mass.

Center Filling Pump : CFP - 30

A cone shaped stainless steel hopper with hot water jacket connected to extruder type pump which feeds the center premix through teflon fill pipe. The filling percentage can be adjusted by variable drive.

Batch Roller : BF - 80 & Rope Sizer (5 Stage) : RS - 5

Batch Roller : Stainless steel trough is built up with stainless steel rotary conical roller which rotates clockwise & anti clockwise which converts the cooked mass into cone shape.

Rope Sizer : Rope speed is infinitely adjustable to feed the forming machine. The speed of equalizing roller is so co-ordinated to ensure equal feeding to successive rollers.

Candy Former (Chain Type) : CFC-5000

The highly filled quantity with a filling upto 35%. The center filled sugar rope runs through the whole chain forming process ensures highly & equally filled quality candies. The changes over is easy in this forming machine. The life of thie machine is higher.

Cooling Conveyor : CCO

The product is carefully and gently cooled from forming to packaging temperature by means of chilled air circulating through numerous ducts spreaded over the modular belt.

Candy Forming Die (Chain Type) : Type CFC-5000
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