Makson are the first confectionery machinery manufacturer in India to build the complete line for depositing hard candies from weighing, mixing and cooking of the ingredients.

The advantages of depositing against traditional methods of hard candy productions are as follows :

  • Accurate shapes, weight that gives you good cost control and highly efficient production.

  • Smoothness and extra clarity of the deposited sweets makes them more marketable.

  • Different shapes, colours and flavours can be deposited simultaneously.

  • Deposited filled and unfilled, striped or three dimensionally shaped candies can be produced.

  • Makson depositing lines suitable for various products like clear hard candy, center filled candies, striped two colour candies, milk candies & sugar free candies.

  • Various shapes are possible due to easily Mould Removable System.

Makson offers two continuous cooking systems for hard candies. The coil cooker and the Fine-film cooker, depending on the receipe and final moisture content required. Both offers vacuum extraction if required and can be fed automatically by Makson's mixing and dissolving systems.

The cooked candy syrup is deposited at final moisture into rigid moulds, fitted with spring loaded ejector pins. The moulds then travels the length of the cooling tunnel and returns upside down to the ejection point, where the pins in each mould impression is depressed, ejecting the sweets. Air is blown by multiple axial fans in a contra flow direction to the mould movement for efficient cooling. The volume of air is controlled by dampers.

Makson manufactures depositing line with various capacity like one row, two rows, three rows & four rows. The capacity of each row is 250 kg/hour with respect to size and candy shape.

The Makson depositing is fitted with flexible silicon rubber moulds for starchless depositing of low boiled ingredients such as caramel, toffee, etc. It deposites single colour, two colours and center filled "One shot prodcutsl like Chocolate Eclairs".


  • High volume efficiency.

  • Continuous production.

  • Labour saving.

  • Consistent high quality production of hard candy, butter scotch and milk boiled candies.

  • Good shape control, low wastage percentage.

  • Clear product.

  • Gives high wrapping efficiency.

  • Option of filled & unfilled, striped and various shapes available.

  • Output upto 1000 kgs/hour.
CDP 1000
1000 kg/hr
CDP 750
750 kg/hr
CDP 500
500 kg/hr
CDP 250
250 kg/hr