Batch Cooker : BC-40

Sugar, glucose & water has to be feed manually and cooked by a steam jacketed vessel which has an agitator to continuously stir the mass to avoid sticking to the walls, after which the cooked mass drops into the vacuum vessel.

Rotary Sugar Kneader : RSK - 40

Homogenous addition of ingredients. Convinient table height. Rotating polished steel disc & cooling plate on the same plane elimintaes laborious lifting & lowering of sugar mass.

Batch Roller : BF - 80 & Rope Sizer (5 Stage) : RS - 5

Batch Roller : Stainless steel trough is built up with stainless steel rotary conical roller which rotates clockwise & anti clockwise which converts the cooked mass into cone shape.

Rope Sizer : Rope speed is infinitely adjustable to feed the forming machine. The speed of equalizing roller is so co-ordinated to ensure equal feeding to successive rollers.

SR - 3000

Unfilled Candies can be produced. Completely Seamless & pipless candies can be produced. The forming pressure is adjustable leading to produce variable size.

Cooling Conveyor : CCO

The product is carefully and gently cooled from forming to packaging temperature by means of chilled air circulating through numerous ducts spreaded over the modular belt.

Grader Sorter : GS - 5000

Under size & over size candy can be separated by 3 sets of stainell steel spiral thread rollers. Center distance between two rollers gradually increases so it can easily isolate the size.

Sweet Forming Die : Type SR - 3000
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