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Sweet Forming Line sr-3000

This manufacturing  line can produce seamless, and without centre product at a higher speed.


batch cooker:

Sugar, glucose & water has to be feed manually and cooked by a steam jacketed vessel which has an agitator to continuously stir the mass to avoid sticking to the walls, after which the cooked mass drops into the vacuum vessel.


Output: 100 kg/hr

Length: 1.27 m

Width: 1.12 m

Height: 2.15 m

Weight: 660 kg / 1455.036 lbs

Power: 1 hp dc

rotary sugar kneader:

Homogenous addition of ingredients. Convinient table height. Rotating polished steel disc & cooling plate on the same plane elimintaes laborious lifting & lowering of sugar mass.


Output: 40 kg/hr

Length: 1.92 m

Width: 1.75 m

Height: 1.56 m

Weight: 1500 kg / 3306.90 lbs

Power: 4 hp

batch roller: bf-80 and
rope sizer (5 stage): rs-5

Batch Roller : Stainless steel trough is built up with stainless steel rotary conical roller which rotates clockwise & anti clockwise which converts the cooked mass into cone shape.

Rope Sizer : Rope speed is infinitely adjustable to feed the forming machine. The speed of equalizing roller is so co-ordinated to ensure equal feeding to successive rollers.


Output: 80 kg/hr

Length: 3.7 m

Width: 0.72 m

Height: 1.35 m

Weight: 1110 kg / 2447.12 lbs

Power: 2 hp dc + 3.5 hp ac


Unfilled Candies can be produced. Completely Seamless & pipless candies can be produced. The forming pressure is adjustable leading to produce variable size.


Output: 375 kg/hr

Length: 1.30 m

Width: 0.90 m

Height: 1.16 m

Weight: 480 kg / 1058.21 lbs

Power: 3 hp dc

cooling conveyor: cco

The product is carefully and gently cooled from forming to packaging temperature by means of chilled air circulating through numerous ducts spreaded over the modular belt.


Output: 625 kg/hr

Length: 5.25 m

Width: 1.37 m

Height: 1.90 m

Weight: 1560 kg / 3439.18 lbs

Power: 5 hp

grader sorter:

Under size & over size candy can be separated by 3 sets of stainell steel spiral thread rollers. Center distance between two rollers gradually increases so it can easily isolate the size.


Output: 625 kg/hr

Length: 1.78 m

Width: 1.65 m

Height: 0.80 m

Weight: 100 kg / 220 lbs

Power: 1.5 hp dc