Makson manufactures gumbase which is the basic ingredient for making different varieties of gum products like:

Chewing gum

It is chewy and with different fruity flavours, used as mouth fresheners

Chewing gum

Ball gum

Ball gums can be solid, hollow and even in different shapes. eg. Tennis ball

Ball Gum

Bubble gum

These gum can be chewed and can even make bubble from them numerous times. eg. Boomer and Double Bubble

Bubble Gum

Medicated gum or functional gums

These are manufactured for the purpose of health benefits and are nutraceutical products eg. Nicotex

Medicated Gum

Stick gum

It is a type of chewing gum eg. Double mint

Stick Gum

Sugar-free gum

These are low calorie gum products for health conscious people.

Sugar free Gum