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Toffee line


Produce different shape of Toffee ie. Rectangle, Square etc

It consist of Toffee cooker, Pulling, Batch former Rope sizer and Cutting machine.

Can produce toffee in side fold packing, top fold packing and double twist packing style with require change part.


toffee batch cooker: bc-75

Sugar, glucose, fats and water has to be fed manually and cooked by a steam jacketed vessel which has an agitator to continuously stir the mass to avoid sticking to the walls.


Output: 150 kg/hr

Length: 1.3 m

Width: 1.2 m

Height: 2.41 m

Weight: 750 kg / 1653.45 lbs

Power: 5 hp dc

cooling plate : cp - 40

The cooling plate consists of smooth polished steel plate with cold water circulating channel underneath which ensures uniform cooling. It can be supplied with edged rails which also serves as a guide rail for product mass.


Output: 40 kg

Length: 1.86 m

Width: 0.94 m

Height: 0.66 m

Weight: 240 kg / 529.104 lbs

horizontal pulling machine: hp-50

The pulled aerated high & low boiled toffees & chewy candies can be produced by the continuous vertical pulling arms, which gives texture to the mass. The speed & cycle time of the arms is adjustable.


Output: 50 kg/cycle

Length: 1.80 m

Width: 1.6 m

Height: 2.20 m

Weight: 1830 kg / 4034.42 lbs

Power: 11 hp

batch roller : bf - 40 and rope sizer (3 stage) : rs -3

Batch Roller : Stainless steel trough is built up with stainless steel rotary conical roller which rotates clockwise & anti clockwise which converts the cooked mass into cone shape.

Rope Sizer : Rope speed is infinitely adjustable to feed the forming machine. The speed of equalizing roller is so co-ordinated to ensure equal feeding to successive rollers.


Batch size: 40 kg

Length: 2.84 m

Width: 0.60 m

Height: 1.27 m

Weight: 780 kg / 1719.58 lbs

Power: 1 hp dc + 2.5 hp ac

high speed cut & wrap machine : hcw-500

Adjustable cutting length for product & wrapper. Two paper reels provided for outer and inner wrapper. Photo Sensor available. Scissor cutter can be provided as per requirement. Single Twist version can also be built up. Disconnection of paper feeding provided by means of clutch. Low maintenance.


Output: 500 pcs/min

Length: 1.53 m

Width: 1.23 m

Height: 1.92 m

Weight: 1180 kg / 2414 lbs

Power: 5 hp